I've reached the most intrest part of creation for my third album. This corner introduce you some fragments about it. Today's theme is "Arrangement", especially about my unique process. It's divided "Imagine & Sketch" and they have "Situation" at the point of contact. First of all, let us talk about the "Situation". It referred to here is "Song as story, Musician as actor, Project as stage", and they're unforgettable things on your mark. Without them, the sharpness will be lost and need more times and efforts to repair. Conversely if they're immovable and generous we can mostly overcome any difficults. Next is the "Sketch". At there imaginary sounds are transcribed to musical notes as if "Dessin", and I forget about time in this process cause feel like modeling. You will be able to heard mentioned imaginary sounds in the "Imagine". Finally "Imagine". The beginning section is run in daydream taking a long time, sometimes utilise any sounds around me as musical trigger (ex: radio, birds, water, and so on). Over many years, I stock various ideas that was converted to music in that way. In most cases this section occupies about 70% of the whole work and is a key point requiring huge energy and many trial & error. Originally this way was just an analgesic to avoids severe pains, cause I had been asleep as often as caused by a chronic illness.


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