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Improvised Compose & Live Streaming

The last episode of this section has come. Today's theme is "Improvisation Compose & Live Streaming". I have been about 2 years since I decided this style to be main. And I am sure it's the best way to fit me. The beginning of story dates back to childhood about thirty years ago. At that days, I purely loved music life that play with piano as if breathing alone in the room. Essential for me were dreamed story, superb view, unknown science...etc. Recently refine old style and made new style that has one big difference that became able to record & live with Internet easy. We believe that the act of record or live can be understood to some extent easily about the fact that it is an essential life line not only for musicians but also for representatives in all fields. The more important thing here is about the advantages bring by live streaming. Now, this environment is familiar to us. So I can make my musicality the most appealing, enjoy the best performance which raised my concentration to the limit, and can also make contact through the chat function. While experiencing "Fact that the improvised compose surely is performed by the person for the first time around the world. I waited 30 years, awesome! At least for me it is a revolutionary happy thing so I thank you for giving me this opportunity. I would like to carefully nurture this place "beyond the sky, beyond the time" with the people who are in all circumstances all over the world.


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