1 nimbus 6:24 - Dazzle Impromptu No.1

New song. Improvisation × composition on Diminish & Half Diminish that themed “Flow of rain clouds". Watch clouds going through the sky.


2 hectopascal 4:34 - Dazzle Impromptu No.2

New song. Improvisation × composition on m7 & m△7 that themed “Barometric pressure change and heaviness suffering". Recall bad feeling that shoulder, waist, back and brains was cramped.


3 spectrum 4:54 - Dazzle Impromptu No.3

New song. Improvisation × composition on 7th & △7 that themed “Sparkle of the rainbow". Imagine the shining prism around yourself.


4 luna 3:45 - Historical Transcription No.2

New song. "Clair de luna - C.A.Debussy" is transcribed for brass quartet newly that was improvised in previous album "MARIA". Sweet and gentle sounds beam at full moon.


5 bwv1001 3:34 - Historical Transcription No.3

New song. "Sonata for violin unaccompanied No.1 Adagio - J.S.Bach" is transcribed for piano solo and further for string quartet. One of the important songs for violinists.


6 maria 9:27 - Historical Transcription No.1

New song. "Ave Maria" which improvised in previous album "MARIA" is transcribed for mini orchestra. Mashed up J.S.Bach & C.F.Gounod × F.P.Schubert then finished up as lullaby.


7 rudolph 9:46 - Christmas Impromptu No.1

Repost from 2nd album "MARIA". Young reindeer "Rudolph" tell us about a month of training and debut night from joined the team of Santa Claus.


8 ice skate park 2:34 - Christmas Impromptu No.2

Repost from 2nd album "MARIA". Children are skating on the link "Frozen central pond" open in every winter season.


9 hand bell 3:47 - Christmas Impromptu No.3

Repost from 2nd album "MARIA". Christmas night, handbell choir play the joyful musics glitterilly for people gathered in front of church.


10 water 7:44 - Natural Impromptu No.1

Repost from 1st album "NATURAL". Drops from leaves wrapped with morning dew in woods become to a stream then a river, finally will reach near human living.


11 forest 6:04 - Natural Impromptu No.2

Repost from 1st album "NATURAL". You're in the deep forest of midnight but don't know why. Anyway, search unknown fountain following your intuition to moisten thirsty throat.


12 moon 7:02 - Natural Impromptu No.3

Repost from 1st album "NATURAL". Alone on the moon. You wonder the gap between occasional uneasiness and peace of mind. But now, find a crescent earth rose up slowly from the moon horizon, then the swirling heart is charmed and filled quietly.


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